Accessibility Ramp Types, Price, and Cost to Install One in Your Home

When you’re thinking of installing accessibility ramps in your home, there are a few important things to consider. First, you’ll need to know how much it will cost to have the ramps installed. Second, you’ll need to understand what options are available to you. You’ll want to know which materials you can choose from, as well as the different types of ramps that are available.

Aluminum handicap ramps are a good solution for ADA-compliant accessibility. They are sturdy, affordable, and corrosion-resistant. However, they may require inspections and permits. A permit costs between $30 and $120, depending on the size of the ramp project.

For a long-term solution, the most cost-effective option is to buy a prefabricated aluminum ramp. These modular ramps are quick and easy to assemble. Typically, they cost $500 to $5,000.

You may also consider a portable or semi-permanent ramp. Portable ramps are usually made of aluminum, but they can be manufactured from steel or wood.

They are typically 30 inches wide and can be used for entranceways that are slightly elevated. Portable ramps are inexpensive, but they are difficult to set up. Usually, they weigh 8 pounds to 35 pounds.

Steel accessibility ramps are sturdy, durable, and have great stability for wheelchair use. You can find these ramps at most home improvement stores. These ramps are also easy to install.

The cost of building a wheelchair ramp depends on the type of ramp you choose, the slope of the ramp, and the materials used. Your costs will be higher if you choose a more steep slope. Visit St. Petersburg Accessibility Ramps to see more options.

A concrete wheelchair ramp is usually the most expensive. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the cost can range from $3000 to $4000. Whether you decide to hire a contractor or do the installation yourself, you will need a permit to build the ramp.

Concrete ramps have an aesthetic appeal, but they are difficult to install and are often more expensive than other materials. In addition, you will need to hire a mason and a carpenter.

Creating a wheelchair ramp is a big job. The size of the ramp, its slope and its material all play a part in determining how much it will cost. Using prefabricated accessibility ramps may help you save money.

It can take hours to create a sturdy, safe ramp. This is one reason why it is a good idea to hire a professional. A contractor can help you pick the materials and design a custom ramp.

The ADA has some basic guidelines for building a wheelchair ramp. For example, the length should be the same as the rise. If your home is built on a slope, the total rise should be no more than 6 inches.

You should also install a ramp with an ADA-approved handrail. A solid handrail will prevent splinters and other injuries.

The cost of installing mini-ramps varies depending on the materials and size of the ramp. Portable ramps average around $100 while permanent ramps can go for $350 to $2,000 or more. There are also many different types of materials available.

A concrete ramp is one of the most durable options. It is resistant to insects, fading, and rotting. However, it is expensive to install and requires additional labor.

Another option is to use plywood. If you decide to use this material, make sure to cut it to the proper size. You can do so using a jig saw.

Mini-ramps are typically 30 inches wide and three feet long. They are designed to allow passage over raised thresholds. Many models are made of aluminum and are lightweight.

There are a few factors that affect the cost of installing handrails on accessibility ramps. These factors include the length of the ramp, the material used and the design.

The American With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires railing on both sides of any wheelchair ramp. This is to prevent a person from falling. You will need a permit before installing an ADA-compliant ramp.

Ramps are typically 24 to 30 feet long. They can be built out of wood, metal, or composite materials. Most homeowners hire a contractor to build the ramp. However, the cost of installing a ramp can be much lower if you do it yourself.

In addition to safety, having a ramp with railings can add a nice visual impact. It can also be a good idea to install lights on the ramp. To do this, you will need to purchase a set of LED ramp lights.


Help Increase Brand Awareness with Digital Signs

Promotion is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without promotion, businesses will fail to gain customers and eventually close down. While all businesses need to promote themselves, the types of promotions vary from one business to another. Here are some ways to promote your business online and offline. These tips will help you reach out to new people and get the attention of potential customers.

First of all, get involved in your community. The internet is a great place to post community involvement opportunities. Not only can this get you free publicity but also introduce you to new people. In addition, it shows your existing customers that you are a good corporate citizen. For example, if you work for a cleaning service, you might want to volunteer with them in their local community.

Digital signs are a great way to get the word out about your business or organization. They can be switched easily from one advertisement to another, saving you the trouble of printing out new fliers or posters. You can also use digital signs to show the weather or other information. Digital signage is also great for brand awareness, increasing brand awareness by over 47 percent. Regardless of the type of business or organization, digital signs have many benefits. The best way to make sure you’re getting the best sign for your money is by choosing a professional digital sign provider in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to delivering targeted advertising and information to potential customers, digital signage can also provide an engaging, positive experience for current and prospective customers. The convenience of digital signage allows businesses to easily update content with a simple contact management system, as well as determine which displays are best for their business. The technology also allows companies to scale as needed to meet the needs of their business.

In addition to offering easy-to-use templates, the software also provides professional installation and content management. The software also offers three different monthly pricing plans. The free plan is good for a single screen, but if you need multiple screens, you may need a higher-level plan. Regardless of the software used, digital signs are a great tool for businesses to increase customer engagement and sales. So, start using digital signage for your business today.

Digital signage solutions can streamline internal communications, engage customers, and increase brand awareness in the financial industry. Digital signage solutions can also help institutions with different branches manage branding. Images and videos can tell a story better than words, and clear displays give prospective clients confidence in the company. And they’re a great way to show customers your company’s modern and cutting-edge brand image.

A storefront sign is a large piece of signage that hangs in front of the entrance to a business. They can be either backlit or front-lit, and can feature various types of fonts and colors. Back-lit signs are illuminated from the back, while front-lit signs shine forward through acrylic faces. These types of signs are also available in non-electric versions. Choosing a storefront sign is an important decision, as they can be extremely effective for advertising a business’s brand.

A storefront sign can be large and imposing, making it easy to identify the business from the street. It should also be bright and visible in a busy business district. The design should be professional, and should be made with eye-catching colors and fonts. Bold colors, in particular, can be useful for a store that’s off the beaten path or in a busy business district. The choice of a sign should reflect the business’s branding and personality.

A storefront sign serves many purposes, including letting passersby know where your business is located. It also serves as a billboard, introducing your brand to a new audience and helping them navigate the store. Storefront signs also serve as important branding tools, as they can display your products and their features. To design an effective storefront sign, start with a good brand logo, and make it the focal point of your sign. Keep in mind that legibility is important to brand recognition, so it’s best to make your storefront sign as large as possible.


Custom Signs and Graphics For Your Business

When it comes to creating your own custom signs and graphics for your business, don’t forget about signs and graphics. These are some of the most effective methods to attract customers to come in and see what your business has to offer. Custom signs and specialty graphics help you get more people’s attention quickly and share your message everywhere, regardless of where they may end up going. They can be utilized at any business, out and about and even at your own place of business. In fact, you can even bring them with you when you head off to an event as well.

There are many people that don’t take advantage of the many different types of custom signage and graphics available, though. For one, it’s difficult to find the time to do it, and most of us just don’t have the budget for this type of advertising, either. For another, there is a lot of competition out there and many people are just not getting the results they need from their efforts. If these pitfalls aren’t obstacles for you still want to use custom signs and graphics, then there are many ways to do so in Boston.

One way you can take advantage of custom signs and graphics is to make signs and post them around the trade shows that you’re attending. Many times, companies that hold trade shows like to put their name and contact information on their giveaways. This way, people who stop by will be able to quickly identify them and get in touch with them. You may also want to consider custom signs and graphics for the events that you’re sponsoring or participating in, as well. Boston has a number of businesses that are known for sponsoring and participating in trade shows throughout the city.

Another way you can benefit from custom signs and graphics is to have them made up for you. If you have a tight schedule, but still want to look your best and stand out at the event that you’re attending, then you can have graphics and signs made up for you in no time at all. There are several options available to you, including vinyl, fabric, paper, and even 3D options that feature incredible graphics and vivid details. If you have a particular image that you want to display, then it’s possible to have that image made up onto a piece of cloth or vinyl, or to have it put onto a sign. If you have competitors in the event, then you can have decals made up for them as well. This is an amazing option for competitive pricing and having a lot of signs and graphics at your disposal.

You can also take advantage of signs and graphics to promote your business or event at any number of places besides trade shows and special events. If you own a lawn care company, for example, you could add lawn signs and yard signs to the sides of homes advertising your services. A great way to make your business name known is by adding signs to all of your vehicles that have your business name and contact information on them. Magnetic signs are another great way to give your customers a reminder of where to go or what they need to do in order to get there.

No matter how you decide to use custom signs and graphics, they are an excellent option for adding personality and a little flare to any place and any time. There are so many custom options available that you will likely be able to find exactly what you are looking for, and at a price that you can easily afford. The most important thing when choosing signage and graphics is to pick something that you love and can relate to. If you can do that with each piece of custom signage and graphics you purchase, then you will feel good about the choice that you have made. If you want to increase your brand visibility, increase your store traffic and increase the number of people who visit your establishment, visit us at

Making Your Business Stand Out With Lake Forest Custom Signs

Custom signs are among the most popular advertising tools used by small businesses around the country. Custom signs are used to communicate information about your business or your product. If you are considering purchasing customized signs for your promotion or marketing needs, here are some important things that you should know.

Whether it’s a signage design, a mailing list, or a graphical image – you can count on Lake Forest, California Custom Signs. With a large selection of graphics, graphic design, and lettering options, they can help you come up with an original signage idea that will really speak to your customers. They offer a number of packages designed especially for businesses that are new, simple, or unique. Regardless of what you’re looking for – custom signs in Lake Forest can offer unique and creative branding solutions that will elevate your brand and help deliver quality customer service. Whatever it is you need – sign designers in Lake Forest are ready to offer a free sign analysis to help you make the right choice.

While you’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to design and graphic options, custom signs in Lake Forest can provide you with great signage ideas no matter what your specific goals are. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that features custom signs in a great wood finish, you can trust that you will find just what you’re looking for at Signs4Less. They offer customers high-end, yet low-cost options including channel letter signs in Oak, Maple, Beech, Cypress, Elm, Cypress, Holly, and Redwood, custom signs in Fort Collins, Denver, Broomfield, and throughout the rest of the state. In addition to the high-end graphics and lettering options offered by these channels, you can also choose from a wide variety of colors, graphics, and shapes.

No matter what you’re looking for – custom signage in Lake Forest gives you a chance to show your creativity in a way that’s unique to you. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching approach to signage or simply want to design a unique message that’s a little different than what you might see elsewhere, this place has something for you. For example, if you’re interested in creating a unique message that will highlight your location or product, you can look for signs in Lake Forest that feature graphics that are uniquely your own. You can use graphics from other locations, create a collage with photos and clipart, or choose a unique font that is uniquely related to your business or company. Whatever you have in mind, you can find it here. Sign suppliers in Lake Forest can help you decide on the graphics and the lettering and can then work with you to create the perfect custom signage solution.

Another way to enhance your custom signs in Lake Forest is to utilize banners or monument signs. Banners and monument signs are another great way to make a statement at trade shows and conferences. Because these signs can be quite large, they tend to stand out among the crowd and draw attention to your booth. If you have the opportunity to have custom banners or monument signs made in Lake Forest, it would be worth the extra money to have someone do them for you. You’ll be sure to get an attractive banner or monument sign that makes a memorable impact, and will serve you well as you promote your business in various settings.

Of course, just having a sign doesn’t do much unless it is effective. That’s why you should choose high-quality graphics and professional lettering to ensure that your custom signs in Lake Forest are truly effective and truly stand out. A great way to ensure that you’ll be able to get top-quality graphics and letters is to work with a signage graphics company. The best Lakeforest custom signs graphics companies offer a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find a style and a message that is unique to you and your business.

Business Signage as One of the Most Cost-Effective Way of Advertising

A Customized Business Signage Maker is the most cost effective way to promote your company. You can spend a lot of money and time creating a business sign with business advertising in mind, but without an effective method for promotional signage, it will all be wasted. It is true that every business needs a logo and a company name, but effective advertisement is key to business success. Your business signage should be unique and stand out, not only to potential customers but also those walking by on the street or in their homes.

In order to get the most for your money, you want to design a custom business signage that reflects your business. If your business is geared towards indoor use, you will want to avoid neon colors and other bright, flashy graphics. You are more likely to attract customers who are in need of a message when they see your outdoor signage. For outdoor use, the most effective signage is that which is geared toward outdoor landscapes. If you offer services such as lawn care or landscaping, then you might consider vinyl banners. If you offer services such as interior design, then outdoor signs that are made of weather-resistant materials such as vinyl will work best for your business.

Some business owners may feel that since their company is indoors, they cannot add outdoor advertising to their storefront. However, there are a number of options available according to signs Brooklyn. There are outdoor signs made of heavy vinyl that easily withstand the elements, including strong winds and sunlight. These signs are great for places such as city parks or beaches where there is a lot of traffic from passing pedestrians. They can also be designed with an umbrella-shaped frame that will provide your outdoor advertising with coverage even in the most remote areas.

You want to make sure that your signage company understands your specific needs and requirements. If you own a small local business, you may not want to invest in large, outdoor advertising. Instead, you may want to consider an indoor business sign. However, if you have a very unique idea for outdoor signage, such as an indoor sports equipment store, then it would probably be a good idea to start with an indoor business sign. Remember to include any special instructions, such as a policy requiring employees to wear uniforms, in your agreement with the signage company.

www.brooklynsigncompany.comAs you can see, there are many different options available when it comes to custom business signage makers. The important thing to remember is that you want to choose one that will work for your business. In addition, you want to make sure that you are choosing a company that has experience in the field. No matter what kind of business you have, you will probably benefit from an experienced business sign maker like This is because they can make sure that all aspects of your business look great and are properly advertised.

In conclusion, there are several different aspects of custom business signage maker services. First, you will want to make sure that you choose a company that is experienced. Next, you will want to make sure that you choose a company that makes use of high quality materials. Finally, you will want to make sure that you choose a company that provides exceptional customer service.

Signage Designs that Promote Business in the Most Effective Way

For business owners , there are a number of options available when it comes to custom signs. A custom sign company in Jacksonville, Florida offers a range of services that include: letterhead printing, envelopes and labels, product branding, graphic design, desktop publishing and more. A custom sign company can help you advertise your business in the most effective way. Look for a company in the Florida area that can create business signs for advertising any type of business.

When you choose a Florida based company to help you with your business signs, you will work with an experienced graphic designer. They will be able to create a look for your business that will be unique and different from other businesses in your area. You can select from a variety of graphics and lettering materials. The graphic designer can also choose the best materials for your business signs. They will be able to choose the perfect company colors and logos for your business to give you the professional look you need.

A custom sign company in Florida can help you design and create the right business signs for your business. If you own or manage a restaurant, you will want to have business signs that attract customers. In order to attract customers to your restaurant, you need bold and colorful graphics and the perfect shape, size and placement. A custom sign company in Florida can help you design and create the perfect business signs for your business. Once you choose a Florida based company to help you with your business signs, you will be amazed at the choice of graphics and materials you will find.

Graphic designers in the Florida area are constantly developing new and exciting graphics that will create the impact you want for your custom ad. You can choose from thousands of custom signs in the colors and designs you desire. You can create a simple one-line custom sign or one that includes all of the information you want to display. You can create a custom sign to display just your logo or create a sign that is more detailed with a full color background and vivid pictures.

Your custom graphics and materials from Jacksonville signs will help you stand out from your competitors and will help attract new customers. When you are choosing a Florida graphic designer for your business, you want to make sure that they have experience in creating effective advertising materials. The graphic designer you choose should have a good understanding of advertising, including print marketing, brochure design, posters and other types of print advertising. Your company’s logo should be easy to read in full color and make a great first impression.

If you own or manage a business, it is imperative that you choose a company that understands your vision for your business and will work with you to create the best marketing materials for your business. The right company will help you promote your business and increase your sales while reducing the costs associated with doing so. By working together, you can come up with an effective plan for promoting your business and help your business grow successfully. A custom sign from a sign company offering services in Haines City, Florida will help you make a statement about your company and increase traffic to your website, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Window Vinyl Clings – A powerful way to promote your business

One way to promote your Memphis, TN business is to use vinyl window clings and film. Window clings are very inexpensive and easy to apply to any window. They can be custom designed and printed in any size or shape you need. If your company sells products or offers services, your message may be best by using these vinyl graphics on your windows.

When most people think of window clings they think of a red sign that has a hook and has a series of hooks pulling down on the window. The beauty of window clings is that they can be designed in any shape or size and hung from your own windows. Window clings are becoming popular for businesses, restaurants, stores and homes. You can buy them at almost any Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart or even at wholesale warehouse discount stores.

These are easy to use and can add curb appeal to any business. You don’t have to hire a professional to hang them. There are many instructional books and videos available on the internet to show you the proper way to install and care for these vinyl decorations. You can also purchase different colored vinyls to use for different businesses. You will find blues, greens, reds, tans and virtually any color available. This will give your windows a more personal look.

If you are wondering how much vinyl clings will cost, you can have them custom designed and printed at any printing shop for a small additional cost. Once you have decided what look you want you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. You can have them embossed, debossed, etched, painted and even UV coated. Many companies offer free installation and assembly or you can use any of the kits provided at the manufacturer to build your window signs.

When hanging window clings on the windows of your business you have to be very cautious. They should only be installed on the inside or outside of the window depending upon where they will be used. If they will be placed outside they should be securely anchored in the ground. Windows with glass panes need more attention especially when holding the vinyl clings in place with casters or wheels.

Window clings will last a long time if they are properly cared for. Vinyl window clings can be removed and reused time again as they resist tearing and peeling. Window clings can be printed on any plain white vinyl sheets and attached to any business window with double-sided tape. You can save money by cutting your own vinyl clings as well. It is not difficult to make your own window signs or window vinyl clings either.

The Impact and Benefits of Custom LED Signs

Custom LED signs are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. The primary reason is because these signs are easier to install than traditional, long-lasting outdoor lighting. Most people have busy lives and are constantly on the move – whether they’re going out for business or traveling – so they need an easy way to clearly advertise their products and services. While long-lasting outdoor lights can be expensive and take up valuable space in your home or office, custom LED signs are designed to be installed quickly and securely, which eliminates the need for them.

Custom LED Signs

The easiest way to promote your business using custom designed LED signage is to hang them on a garage wall. Whether your garage door is in your way of normal access or not, any custom designed led signage will make it apparent that you’re storing your tools and other belongings safely. You may also want to add custom LED signs to other areas in your garage, such as under a bike rack or a toolbox. They make great notices for your most prized possessions. These signs also provide your children with a reminder that you’re home, thus providing them with another reason to be careful when playing outside.

When it comes to outdoor signage needs, custom LED signs are perfect for businesses, promotions and events, and even your home. If your business offers tours of local landmarks or other attractions, then outdoor LED lights help advertise your business. In addition to hanging outdoor signs, you can mount them to a wall, pole or other structure. There are many ways to use these LED signs to attract customers and increase interest in your business, whether it’s for events or promoting your products and services.

Another advantage of custom designed LED neon signs is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike regular outdoor lights, which release harmful chemicals into the air, LED lights only produce harmful ultraviolet light. This means they are safer for the environment, which is especially important during times of emergency. Additionally, they offer better battery life than traditional outdoor lights. This means longer usage time, which helps reduce the cost of your power bill.

Another advantage of custom neon signs is that they are easy to install, making them ideal for both commercial and residential applications. When purchased and installed correctly, they are virtually maintenance free. They will last for years and won’t need to be replaced, which saves you money in the long run. You can purchase them from a variety of sources, including online stores, distributors and hardware stores, and you can get them custom designed as well, allowing you to showcase your design ideas.

By using custom neon signs, you can attract more customers, expand your customer base or increase awareness of your brand. In today’s economy, every business owner should look at their bottom line in order to improve their bottom line. However, many businesses choose to cut costs by choosing smaller, more economical products such as custom LED signs. However, energy-efficient LED lights are now available that will save your business even more money on energy. If you use a more energy efficient light source, your business will have two benefits: you will use less energy and you will have a higher return on investment due to the LED lights saving your company money.

The Advantages Of Having Office Signs And lobby Signs

When you think about it, having the right signage can be one of the most important things in a business. A lot of business owners tend to overlook the importance of their lobby signs and office signs in Sarasota Florida. There are a lot of things that should be done in order to make your office or lobby sign stand out from the rest. One of the things that you should consider in order to ensure that you have great lobby signs is to create something that will attract customers to come into your office. The good news is that there are a lot of ways that you can do this without spending a fortune on advertising.

Lobby signs and Office signs

One thing that you should consider for your Sarasota Florida sign is to make sure that it has a good color scheme. You don’t want your sign to stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of other signs. You want to be able to easily spot your sign from a distance, which is why you need to choose colors that are appropriate to the area that you are advertising in. Choose a color that will stand out but not be so overwhelming that it will cause your sign to be unreadable. To help you choose the right color for your sign, click here.

In addition to using appropriate colors, you also need to make sure that your sign is large enough to attract attention. If your sign is too small, it may get lost in the shuffle along with all of the other advertisements that are going up near it. It’s important that you know how many people will be walking by your office before you put up a sign. This way you will be sure that your sin will stand out and make a great impact.

Once you have decided on the type of signs that you need, you can start thinking about where you are going to put them. Right now, indoor signs are taking over the scene. People love the convenience of having an indoor sign that they can use in their office without having to worry about being exposed to the outside elements. The signs are also portable, which means that you don’t have to be concerned about them being stuck in one spot when you aren’t using them. Many people like to place these signs inside of cubicles, between filing cabinets, and anywhere else that is conducive to putting up indoor signs.

Outside of the cubicle, there are a number of other places that you can put your indoor or outdoor sign. Most people prefer to place signs on their desk so that they know where to go for supplies as well as their phone number. Other people like to place their signs next to their front door so that potential customers can easily find them. Remember that when you are choosing a location for your sign that you place it where people can see it from a safe distance. You should try to choose a location that allows people to read the sign as well as possible, but won’t require them to actually step outside of their current work environment.

If you are concerned about your company’s image, then lobby signs and office signs are an excellent way to convey that message. You can easily have them custom made to give your office or lobby a classy, professional look. Not only will this make you stand out from the competition, but it will also attract new customers as well. Using these types of signs is one of the easiest ways to advertise that your business has arrived.

The Benefits of Impactful Signage for Business

Cohesive indoor and outdoor signs made in San Mateo, California can help business owners grab the attention of potential customers. These signs are made of durable, heavy-duty materials such as vinyl and polyvinyl chloride. They are customizable and can be designed to meet any particular business’s specifications. These indoor and outdoor signs are created by professionals who specialize in creating customized signs that will make an impression on your potential customers.

The most common applications for signage in San Mateo are in the automotive and warehouse facilities. Automotive warehouses are constantly looking for convenient ways to display their vehicles. Vinyl and polyvinyl chloride signs can be applied to the sides of all vehicles, while aluminum tubing is perfect for warehouse walls. In addition, Ada signage can be applied inside all types of warehouses, not just automotive facilities. In addition, posters and balloons with pertinent information about the facility can be strategically placed around the building to draw attention to all of the important areas.

San Mateo has an abundance of retail stores and companies looking to promote their brand names. The same vinyl and polyvinyl chloride materials that make existing signage easy to read and install can also be utilized in brand new storefronts. Brand recognition is the backbone of any successful branding program. Hiring a professional company that specializes in brand identification ensures the proper branding of all of the company’s storefront locations. This will ensure customer loyalty and increased profits.

When it comes to creating a visually cohesive interior and exterior sign package, there are a number of options available to a business owner. Some businesses choose to purchase preprinted materials or samples of signage that they can then customize to meet their business goals. Other companies work directly with local artists to create unique pieces of art that are designed to enhance the visual appeal of their property. Whichever method is chosen, a professional sign company will create a sign that accurately reflects the business goals while simultaneously being a welcomed sight within the existing physical space.

Business owners need to take the time to evaluate all of their options when it comes to promoting their brand with impactful signage. Customized signs offer a cost-effective solution to drawing attention to any property, improving customer relations, attracting new customers and increasing profitability. OEM and after-market signs provide a highly visible reminder of the business goals while simultaneously increasing safety and preventing vandalism. All of these benefits help to increase profitability, which is the ultimate goal for most business owners.

Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of custom signs and what they can do to improve profitability and brand recognition. In addition, OEM and after-market signs feature a low-cost alternative to traditional retail displays. These signs not only make an investment in the property, but also create a sense of pride for those who frequent the business or who own it. Properly-placed, impactful signage provides staff members and warehouse workers with an easy way to identify the storage area, identify products and locate items.